Infinity drawer unit

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Description The movable drawer units take storage and organization to the next level. And Fixed drawer unit with extra drawer provides more archiving space plus The drawer units with padded top could be used for quick sit and chat.
Dimensions L : 42  D: 58   H: 43,50, 61, 73 cm
Specs Metal drawer unit available in different heights, with metal or wood drawer face, and metal, wood or fabric top. It is provided either on wheels or attached to the desk.

1 review for Infinity drawer unit

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have been working in an office for 3 years and have seen many changes. One change that I wish had happened earlier was upgrading our office furniture. We finally did it last month and the difference is really noticeable. The new furniture means a better working environment, with less back pain, better air quality, and more space to work with.

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