Mohm - Office Furniture Manufacturer

One of the largest office furniture manufacturers in Egypt and MENA region, Mohm specialises in providing locally manufactured and custom-made furniture for large-scale offices and projects, created using the best supplies and raw materials, including wood, metal, upholstery and plastic.

The ISO-certified manufacturer first began operations in 1981, and has since then expanded its business to also offer high quality office furniture for use in commercial, leisure and educational establishments.


Mohm creates comfortable, stylish and innovating workspaces designed to inspire and motivate. Each item is produced to the highest standards using the latest state-of-the-art office furniture manufacturing technology to deliver a product that is durable and comfortable. We understand that our end users spend a considerable amount of time using our office furniture each day and we make it our responsibility to ensure their physical comfort at work. Style is as important as comfort; we want our office furniture to inspire as well as support.


29 Dec
Furnex 2016
02:24 pm
26 Oct
Furnex March 2015
10:19 am
Launching of Cabby
15 May 09:30 am

Cabby was launched as the newest addition to Mohm’s product portfolio. It has a fairly distinctive look, shaped by the revolutionary...

ISO 14001: 2004
15 May 08:06 am

Mohm is dedicated to upholding its eco-friendly commitments. An ISO 14001 certified company, we adhere to global standards of environmental management...