As Egypt’s premier design platform, Cairo Design Week stands as a beacon of creativity, bringing together designers, innovators, and industry luminaries to celebrate the fusion of art, culture, and innovation.
Amidst this vibrant backdrop, Mohm was showcasing its latest products and introduced innovative concepts that redefine the way they work.

Mohm’s Co-Creative Work Hubs Concept:
Where Comfort Meets Collaboration

At Cairo Design Week, Mohm unveiled its innovative co-working space concept, inviting attendees to experience the comfort and functionality of its products
firsthand. Through a convenient mobile application, visitors could reserve their spot in these dynamic workspaces, fostering collaboration and creativity in a comfortable and stylish environment. From sleek desks to ergonomic chairs, Mohm’s furniture seamlessly blended form and function, empowering individuals to work productively and comfortably.

Introducing “The View”

But Mohm didn’t stop there. Building on its commitment to redefining workspaces, Mohm introduced a groundbreaking concept – “The View.” At two iconic locations – the Citadel and the Al Cayan Building in Korba – Mohm curated workspaces that offered breathtaking vistas of Cairo’s historic landscape. From the ancient walls of the Citadel to the bustling streets of Korba, these scenic views provided the perfect backdrop for productive work and creative inspiration.

Transforming Workspaces, Inspiring Creativity

As Cairo Design Week drew to a close, Mohm left a lasting impression on attendees and industry insiders alike. Through its modern designs, vibrant colors, and innovative concepts, Mohm showcased its vision for the future of workspaces – one that seamlessly integrates comfort, style, and functionality. By inviting individuals to work with a view and experience its products firsthand, Mohm not only transformed workspaces but also inspired creativity and innovation.

A New Era of Co-Creative Work Hubs

As we reflect on Cairo Design Week and Mohm’s contribution to the event, one thing becomes clear – the future of workspace design is bright and full of possibilities. With its modern designs, vibrant colors, and innovative concepts like co-creative work hubs “The View,” Mohm is at the forefront of this evolution, reshaping the way we work, collaborate, and create. As we embrace this new era of workspace design, Mohm continues to inspire us to reimagine the possibilities of the modern workplace.



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