How your sitting posture improves your productivity at work

After a long day at work, the moment you leave the office you start throwing away all the stress, and all the hustle. But there is a one particular thing you can’t get rid of, which is the damage that sitting in a bad posture all day can cause!You can’t even counteract the effects of sitting by visiting the gym at the end of the day.

Research shows that poor posture increases depression, cuts off your circulation and drains your energy. Adding that to sitting at work for long periods, and you’ve got yourself a stalking pain hazard.The right posture interferes with almost all the activities in your day; even tilting your head down while reading this on your mobile now, strains your spine. You should lift the mobile up and use your eyes not your head.

So sitting there doing nothing may seem harmless, but it has a lot of bad impacts, especially on people who work sitting in an office chair for most of the day.

Bad effects of bad sitting posture

  • Headache due to the strain put on the muscle of the neck
  • carpal-tunnel-type numbness, tingling, or pain throughout the arm
  • Digestive challenges by compressing your organs, slowing down your digestive process and adversely impacting your metabolism.
  • Bad mood and depression, as slouching sucks your energy at work
  • Lack of concentration in work due to the pain and bad mood
  • Appearing less confident and shy at work

It’s time to boost your energy with the right posture! Here are 8 hacks to straighten things up and make office time more tolerable

  1. Choose a chair that supports your weight evenly and provide back support. Make sure you use a comfortable chair
  2. Store frequently used items in easy-to-reach places and don’t forget to use a flexible and adjustable table whilst using a laptop.adjustable table
  3. Use adjustable workstation that allows you to adjust your desk to suit all your needs. It can really give you a hand in group work.adjustable workstation
  4. Try using a chair with lumber support.chairs
  5. Align the ears, shoulders, and hips in one vertical line
  6. Place your feet flat on the ground. That means no crossing your legs or sticking them out in front of you.
  7. Pull back your shoulder blades every once in awhile
  8. Get up and Incorporate mini walks in your working hours. It could be during the phone calls.tuk hood

phone call hood


A simple exercise at your desk by “Janice Novak”, director of can be a nice kick-starter

“Lift the bottom of your ribcage an inch or two off your hipbone, pulling your shoulder blades back and down. To make sure you maintain the position, pin a ribbon to top and to bottom of your shirt and keep it taut for 10 minutes at a time”

And remembergood posture isn’t just for the workplace, it’s also important for TV time, family meals at the dining table and even car driving time.Poor posture puts you in a bad position, time to take a stand!




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