Crafting innovation since 1974

Engineers Abdel Hady Abdel Moneim and Samy Fahim launched the business that would become Mohm in 1974. From humble beginnings in a rented workshop in east Cairo, came a trailblazing project that essentially placed Egypt on the map in the world of furniture design. Today, ‘Metal-X’ is a market leader in expanded metal sheets. Combining the steel-working talents of a master craftsman with a modern design sense and an instinct for distinction, the two ambitious engineers created a line of furniture aimed at young couples building their first home. The furniture was designed to be durable yet economical, with a keen eye for the most contemporary trends.
Quick to position the fledgling company as an industry innovator, Abdel Moneim was among the first to notice the impact computers were having on the workplace in the 1980s, and from this was born Mohm; a line of stylish, durable and ergonomic workstations and office furniture. What followed would ultimately revolutionize the landscape of furniture in design in Egypt.


Having a legacy of 40 years of Industry, believing in Egypt and in Egyptian industry. Relying on innovation to design and develop our products, racing up for technology, having the passion for furniture, willing to work hard to produce a “Made in Egypt” product to invade and conquer the global market. Compromising is unacceptable to our hard core standards. Developing our team to be one positive family is what really Mohm is about. Our customers are our partners in success, which is why it is always a long term relationship that is built on trust, respect, and care. At Mohm, we do this, by creating products that meet the expectations and aspirations of customers who share the same values as we do.

Eslam Abdel Hady


Take a look to our business fundamentals

Furniture Innovation

Mohm is one of the largest furniture manufactures in Egypt

Production Facilities

Over 100,000 units are produced every year

Environmentally Friendly

Mohm factories have received ISO 14001 :2015 certification.

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Excellence in Logistics

Mohm utilizes world-class logistical and delivery process.

Quality and Durability

Mohm holds the 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certificate

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Health and Safety

Mohm holds the ISO 45001:2018 Occupational health & safety management system Certificate

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Eslam Abdel Hady


Shereef Abdel Hady




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