Always on top of the game, we are excited to participate in this year’s Milan Design Week (Italy) which takes place between 17 and 22 April, the most important design week of the world, providing a platform for international artists and creative entrepreneurs to meet and showcase their designs.

MOHM’s products will be part of the “The Nile Selection by Giulio Cappellini” at the Superstudio Più which aims at highlighting the real quality and potentiality of the Egyptian furniture industry and introducing some very selected Egyptian furniture companies to the international scene while engaging into the many mutually-beneficial partnerships.
During The Nile Selection show the international visitors as well as the fellow designers will have an opportunity to get closer to MOHM’s unique workplace ideas & solutions expressed through the “Aria” desk with leather top designed for high end users especially executive level, “Alto” chair which braids health with comfort and technology, the sound-containing “tuk tuk” and “Attiva Cocoon”, the iconic “cheoops” chair, “rondo” visitor chair, and the adjustable “lapduck” table.



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