Taking its name from the Ancient Pharaoh and structure from his Pyramid in Giza, “cheoops” chair is MOHM’s most recent reason to be proud of our creative powers. The designer of cheoops is a renowned Greece-born Italian designer Nikolas Chachamis who was inspired by the famed Cheops (Khufu) pyramid. He decided to keep the same aspect ratio as this World Wonder, capturing it in the extraordinary design that sits on nickel chromed metal base. Fusing Ancient history with the most contemporary design trends, cheoops has a power to enthrall the modernity enthusiasts who value the conceptual depth. “cheoops” chair was unveiled to the world during Furnex last February. During the event, the iconic chair managed to grab the attention of the visitors,
many of whom were happy to be the first ones to sit in ”cheoops”, enjoying the experience and inviting their colleagues to follow their lead.



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