If you decided to read this blog, then your office must be a mess. Aren’t all offices like that? Well, not necessarily! By following these 9 simple tips you can have an organized office and desk to boost your work productivity. How can you do that?

1- Sort what you need

First things first. Grab a pen and a piece of paper and list all items and furniture units you think you really need to do your work. Don’t look at what you have in the room, but rather focus on listing what you really need.

2- Remove the unnecessary

After doing this, look at your office and desk. You will surely find plenty of items that you never use and can hardly remember how they even got there. Now remove these items and put them where they belong. Look at your office space and work desk now. Not yet, alright then.


3- Rearrange and organize

Now the remaining items are the one you really need. All you have to do is to rearrange and organize them according to how and when you use them. For example, you can put the items you rarely use in a drawer or a storage unit.  Office furniture experts have plenty of items that will surely meet your needs. Then, leave few pens and a notebook on your desk to be easily accessible in your daily note-taking. Remember, we live in a digital world so you really don’t need to have dozens of pens and stationary items in front of you all the time.


4- File your documents

Now we come to those tens of papers and folders in front of you. Start by organizing them into different files according to their category, importance, or whatever classification you want to use. The most important thing is to have an organized set of files that you can easily access and look through. You can also color-code your file to be easily identifiable.


5- Boost your spirit with colors

Having an organized office doesn’t mean emptying it of decoration items and art pieces. In fact, those can adjust your mood and allow you to work more efficiently. You need to have a proper surrounding environment that leaves you always calm and focused. Use pale and cold colors and avoid warm saturated ones to maintain your focus at work most of the time.



6- Use a suitable seat

Productivity is strongly linked to your wellbeing. If you use a non-suitable chair you will suffer from neck and back pains, and by time you will spend less hours working or at least less hours working efficiently. This will always be the case even you don’t recognize it. Try using an ergonomic chair that provides full support to your neck, back and body and see the magic as it happens. You will be able to work more, better and happier. There are tens of world-class chairs available at the leading office furniture manufacturers.


7- Organize your digital space

The digital world now occupies a huge part of your work life. Accordingly, you should make sure that your files, folders, work emails, schedules and other digital files are well-organized and easily reached. You surely don’t want to spend daily hours lost in your digital world. It is better to use this time for your work or your family and friends!

8- Plan your time

Congratulations! Now you have a clean and organized office space and desk, and you have well-sorted digital files. You are almost done, but all you need to do is to plan your time very well. Create a daily to-do list stating what you need to do and how long each task should take. Now, work according to your list in your clean and organized office space.



9- Wrap the day, everyday

That’s true, you are now done, but you surely don’t want to repeat this whole process again every day. So please allocate 15 minutes at the end of each day to wrap up everything you have done, and to clean and organize your office space, desk and digital files. Only then you will wake up the next day, grab your coffee and start working again in your productivity-boosting office!






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