Having to wait for your physician’s appointment or for your turn to pay the internet bill is definitely not your most enjoyable time of the day. This is natural and true. However, it is also true that one can’t avoid such scenarios, especially in our very populous Egypt.

According to Fox Business, the average time a person spends in a doctor’s waiting room is 21 minutes. If this is the case in the US, you can imagine how it is like in Egypt!

That being said, it is becoming extremely important for businesses to create interesting waiting areas that neither bore nor stress those sitting in it. The following lines shows you how this can be achieved.

Planning your setup and choosing your furniture:

When designing your cozy waiting area, you need to put the perfect furniture in the perfect place. Always try to follow the following sincere advises:

  • Leave enough space for guests to enter and leave the waiting area, without having to wait in a bottle-necked queue just to get in or out!
  • Never put your reception desk in a bizarre location where guests will keep wondering if this is actually a reception desk or an office desk of an administrative employee.
  • Get comfy seats and sofas that support the necks and shoulders of those sitting in the area. This is especially important if you are setting up a waiting area in a hospital or physician’s clinic.
  • You will most likely need some coffee tables for guests to put their belongings on. You can look for furniture suiting your needs at any specialized office furniture manufacturer. Check their catalogues and make sure you get the furniture in colors matching your business identity and color theme.

Setting the right mood:

Likewise, your waiting area should be decorated in colors matching your identity. However, the primary color of your area should be a relaxing one. Pale colors in general would add a relaxing mood to your waiting area, so just choose a pale color matching your identity. Additionally, you should pay attention to the following important points:

  • Add an interesting décor item to your waiting area to help your guests relax, get attracted to something and lose track of how long they have waited already. A masterpiece of art or a nice fish aquarium can do the trick!
  • Make sure you install the right lighting in your waiting area. It is always advisable to use warm light, as it emits a home-like ambiance.
  • Make sure your waiting area is well ventilated, especially during the hot summer days.

Congratulations, you have successfully made it through to the final stage of creating a really appealing waiting area. Now your guests will enjoy the right setup, comfy furniture and relaxing mood. What else?

Proper facilities:

Your waiting area should have some facilities to make your guests even more relaxed, and most importantly to make sure they don’t follow the clock minute-by-minute while they wait. The following are the core facilities you might want to consider:

  • Get a water cooler for people to drink. Keeping them hydrated will keep them relaxed.
  • Put a nice kettle and some tea bags for guests to utilize the waiting time in making themselves a tasty cup of tea.
  • Granting your guests free access to a Wi-Fi connection and some nice reading material should serve as the final brick in your enjoyable waiting area, guaranteeing that your guests won’t feel the usual boredom they experience in other waiting areas.


They enjoy a comfy seating, relaxing décor, calming lighting and proper facilities. Now try to get them to leave your unmatched waiting area!



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