No business owner would argue about the importance of having a productive office and work environment. However, many of them fail to find the right way, or the right budget, to achieve that endeavor.

In fact, adopting several small tweaks can significantly boost your office productivity without needing to break the bank! Let’s see what you can do.

1- Adequate colors and décor

What people see strongly affects their moods. Working in a greyish environment would never yield the same results of working in a colorful, well decorated space.

Invest a little bit of effort and money in making the office environment as attractive as possible. Use warm colors to inspire creativity and add some bits of blue décor items to maintain a relaxing sight at your office.

2- Ergonomics! Ergonomics!

You can never expect a neck-strained employee to work miracles! This is why it is indispensable to have ergonomic desks and chairs to keep your employees healthy, relaxed, and accordingly productive. You can find ergonomic desks and chairs at leading specialized office furniture manufacturers.

In addition to the ergonomic furniture, make sure that all PC monitors are adjusted slightly below eye-level. Moreover, feet should be rested on the floor to reduce pressure on employees’ backs.

If you do this, their bodies will thank them, and they will thank you and grant you more productivity!

3- Keep it organized

A basic productivity hack is being organized, and this applies in almost everything. Having a clean and organized desk will enable employees to focus, feel more relaxed and find the documents they need more easily. Such results will immediately reflect on the office productivity levels.

Hire an office boy to assist your employees organize their desks, lockers and document trays, or encourage your employees to do so themselves to become more productive.

4- Diversify the working spaces

On one hand, it is good to have an organized office, where each employee has a designated office space. However, boredom is an undeniable human nature. This is why you should diversify the working space every once in a while.

You can invite your employees to work at the meeting room or the balcony, if applicable. This will break the boredom of seeing the same office environment every day, and will freshen up their minds, boosting their productivity.

5- Light it up

Always try to let in natural light into your office space. It increases productivity, clears bad smells, and makes the office environment closer to nature. However, make sure that the natural light is not facing the PC monitors. The monitors should be adjusted opposite to the natural light source.

Aside from natural light, you can always use indirect warm lighting to give your office a calming ambiance that enable employees to work in peace.

6- Introduce a productivity-booster

A productive office is not the one that works non-stop. It is rather the one where employees enjoy short breaks to recharge. You can introduce a “fun-zone” for employees to rest their minds while playing a game or socializing.

Alternatively, you can provide your employees with coloring books, since coloring for adults has been scientifically proven as a strong stress-relieving and productivity-boosting activity.

Most importantly, your “fun-zone” should have cozy seating facilities. You can find lots of cozy chairs and sofas at Mohm Office Furniture.

7- Gamify the office!

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and dynamics in any non-game context. In more simple terms, whenever you succeed in stimulating your employees and keeping them passionate about any activity you want them to do (just like in games), then you have successfully gamified this activity.

For example, you can hang a simple board on the wall titled “Office Guru” and put the picture of the most productive employee on it. This will stir the positive competition among your employees and you will soon enough notice a significant boost in their productivity.

Happy productive office hours!



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