KPIs, employees’ loyalty, customers’ satisfaction, return on investment, and many other terms are what comes to our mind when we think of efficiency at work. Likewise, elegant furniture and well-groomed employees are the main criteria we look at when evaluating workplace appearance. Guess what, there is much more to efficiency at work and workplace appearance than those predictable terms. Let’s find out what we might be missing!



















Fewer Sick Leaves, More Efficiency

You might not realize it, but think of how many employees you have. How many cups they use every day? How many times they head to the cafeteria for their lunch break? How many times they use the restroom? If you are not adopting enough measures to ensure providing a healthy and clean workplace, these essential daily actions might be a primary cause for making your employees sick. Imagine how much productivity and efficiency you would lose due to frequent sick leaves of your employees. Make sure you provide a clean eating area, clean cups and clean rest room, and enjoy witnessing a remarkable increase in work efficiency and decrease in absences and sick leaves.






















Better Image for an Ever-lasting Impression

How many times have you entered a store or restaurant and left it shortly due to its chaotic looks or clearly unclean facilities. This is exactly the case with your company guests. The way your workplace looks can leave an ever-lasting impression on your guests. Such impression would be very difficult to change, so make sure you avoid clutter, unclean desks, filled trash bins, and chaotic meeting rooms. This will have a direct impact on your employees as well, not just your guests.




















  • Frequently vacuum your fabric chairs and sofas
  • Frequently wipe-out your chairs’ armrests and legs with a piece of damp cloth
  • Use a wet wipe to clean fabric chairs and sofas when needed
  • To clean metal chairs, use a piece of damp cloth
  • Fix hand-sanitizer wall dispensers in several areas of your workplace, especially toilets and eating areas
  • Avoid excessive exposure of the furniture to the heat and sunlight, which causes discoloration of furniture


Try to integrate these rules in your internal work system, and enjoy a cleaner, healthier and more efficient workplace. Don’t forget to share your experiences with us.





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