Open spaces are today’s trend in office, commercial and residential properties. While this can be the most preferred setup environment for most people due to its spacious feeling and modern look, private areas are frequently needed for meetings and for defining certain areas to be utilized for different purposes. Well, you can enjoy the perks of private areas inside an open space! Here is what you can do.


  • Acoustic Furniture:

One magical way to create a private space in a spacious open area is to install acoustic furniture. Acoustic furniture is characterized with high backed sofas, which contains sound and block travelling noises. It can be placed in different areas of open spaces to create a functional private area for meetings, coffee breaks, making phone calls alongside many other uses.

In Egypt, many office furniture manufacturers are now producing world-class acoustic furniture that can come handy for lots of businesses.


  • Vertical dividers:

There are many types of vertical dividers that you can use to define your open space into several private areas. You can use a transparent glass partition or a sliding glass door to divide your open space into several semi-private ones. You can also use curtains or decorative dividers such as wire walls or patterned wood dividers to add a unique artistic flavor to your new private areas.


  • Color-codes:

You don’t need to invest any additional money to create visually-clear private areas within your open space. Just decide on certain contrasting colors to define each private area, and then use these colors in your wall painting or furniture. For example, you can designate a meeting area by putting a white meeting table and vivid-color chairs in an open space with mostly greyish colors. Remember to keep something in common between the private area and the rest of the open space to maintain its harmony and spacious feel.



  • Horizontal dividers:

Just like the vertical ones, horizontal dividers can work magic in making part of your open space look private. Use an attractive rug to define your private area and put its furniture together. Another way to divide your open space horizontally is to differentiate the ceiling of the private area by installing a dropped ceiling or wooden hanging beams.

Without needing any walls or partitions, these tricks will impose a private atmosphere on your chosen area, but remember that these dividers will not isolate you from your surrounding space. For more privacy, you can use semi-acoustic seating which will add more distinction to your area and most importantly will make it more private for those using it.



Enjoy the private haven in your open space!



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