We probably spend more time working than doing anything else. That’s true. Have you ever tried to count the hours you spend on this gloomy desk? You won’t imagine the number!

So why don’t you do some facelifts to your work desk. This is not a luxury, but it is rather an important catalyst that will always put you in a better mood for work. Let’s see what you can do.

  • Add Some Greenery

Plants are lovely, refreshing, air-purifying and they add a lively touch to your office. Having a small green plant will not only decorate your work desk, but it will also give you a sense of achievement. Since your main task will be watering it, you will feel the achievement of watching it grow with your work every day!


  • Decorate your planners

You surely have some sort of a work planner that you use on daily basis. Whether it is a notebook or a wall-calendar, adding some artistic lines and colorful highlights will give your planner a touch of personalization. You will now find it more enjoyable to check your meetings and tasks for tomorrow on your artistic planner.


  • Introduce personal items

A work desk shouldn’t be too gloomy. You surely have a favorite superhero, mug, novel, or funny-looking set of pens. Don’t be shy to put those on your work desk. Whatever makes you happy and refreshed is good enough to be on that desk.  Remember, it is YOUR work desk!


  • Add a bit of warmth

White lighting is good for open office spaces. It has a wider spread distance, but it is not yours. Plus, it is too white, isn’t it?

Install a portable lighting unit that emits warm lighting to your work desk. As this warm light is emitted, magical work ideas will start to flow in your brain. Now write them down and let the magic prevail!


  • Hang your memories, hang your ambitions

When you are thinking, you always look in front of you. That white wall is definitely not the best thing to see while thinking. Instead, you can hang few photos that remind you of good old memories. You should also hang some inspiring quotes, and you should write down your plans, dreams and objectives and hang them right there in front of you. This is way better than the blank white wall, and definitely this will allow for more creative thinking and less creative blocks.

  • Sort-out the unnecessary

You don’t need all those pens. Most of them are empty anyway! Clean out the mess and leave only the stationary items you need. Then, organize them in a way that make them easy to reach and delightful to see!


Those were some ideas on how to decorate and personalize your work desk, but this is not everything you can do. The sky is your limit here. If you have more ideas, share them with us!



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